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Ok guys, thanks to Aiden, this is the first draft of letter that will be posted to news editor and other organization. Please feel free to comment/advise/share any suggestion that might be able to help us in this quest. I've also place this draft on the first thread for further reference.

Dear Editor,
I represent a group of "compers" from who shares a keen interest in joining contests of various kinds.Emenang is your one-stop site for all your contest needs and information. We have a dedicated forum whereby members and guests can share their thoughts and ideas on how to make this hobby into a life-fulfilling one while making friends from all over the country.But we do share a deep concern with certain contests that have mushroomed lately which requires one to submit the most entries in order to win the Grand Prize which may be in the form of cash, cars or holiday trips that easily be worth Rm30000 and above.Our concern lies with the fact that regular and loyal users wont be able to benefit from such a promotional gimmick as there are serious punters out there with deep pockets who will go the extra mile to buy unnecessarily just to win. Such tactics no doubt will boost the revenue of organisers but at whose expense? Not only will there be massive wastage but also inculcate an unhealthy trend of producing future gamblers who will fork out lots of money hoping to out-bid and out-spend their opponents. In many cases as shared by winners, their purchases are beyond normal and were meant solely to win the contest.I am sure there are many ways to boost sales and organisers need not resort to such gimmicks. A contest should be one that involves skills and not only meant for the rich and those who can take high risk.Therefore, on behalf of all true compers, we at Emenang hope that we can collectively send out this message to all contest organisers and remind them of their social responsibility and a timely reminder to all users not to support such contests or their services and goods.

Yours sincerely,

For and on behalf of

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