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"More Words" is a very useful and practical tool that I use frequently to write slogans. Link: For example, I want to use some rhythmic words ending with "ful" in my slogans. I type the search word -- "*ful" and click "Search for words". It will return a list of words ending with "ful" --

Your search for *ful matched 332 words in this word listaidful aimful armful armsful artful awfulbagful bagsful baleful baneful barrelful........woeful woful wonderful worshipful worthfulwrackful wrathful wreckful wrongful wrothful youthful zestfulUsage Help:

How to search on More WordsSearch for words by first letters, last letters, any sequence of letters, any known letters, and excluding any letters.Example searches:check for exact word like "crosswords": crosswordsthree letter word, ending in "r": --rsix letter word, first two letters "pu", last letter "e": pu---eten letter word, middle two letters "sw": ----sw----words containing the sequence "sswo" anywhere: *sswo*words of any length starting with "cross": cross*words of any length ending with "zzle": *zzleword starts with "a", ends with "z": a*zstarts with "b", "c" somewhere within, ends with "d": b*c*dwords starting with "ab" that don't contain an "e" or "o": ab* ^eoIf you use a hyphen in a word, such as a-e, it will only find words with the letters in that order (ace, age, etc). It won't find jumbled words, such as pea, ear, etc. This may be improved in the future.You can enter any set of letters (without hyphens or asterisks). If they make a word, the word will be shown. Even if they are not a word, any anagrams will be shown, plus any words that can be made by adding one letter. For seven letters or less, any shorter words that can be made from those letters will also be listed.If you prefer, you can use ? or _ (underscore) to indicate one missing letter, or % or ~ (tilde) to indicate one or more missing letters. They work exactly the same as - (hyphen) and * (asterisk) above, just use whichever is easiest for you to remember and type.Exclude lettersYou can exclude letters from your search: all words contains any letters following a ^ (caret, shift-6 on US keyboards) in your search will be excluded from the results.Example: m--e matches 32 words, including make and mute. But m--e ^kt finds only 27 words, as it omits all words containing a k or t.This is useful for games like Hangman, where you want to exclude letters you've already guessed.For Hangman, it would also be useful to exclude the letters in your search string (m and e from m--e) if they appear elsewhere in the word. In other words, a word like "mime" would be removed from the result, since the letter "m" has already been guessed and found. I'll add an option for this soon.
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