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contoh slogan

Dear All,
As promised, here's the list of all slogan received for Win Gin & Jacqie Bags Contest. Thank you very much for your participation. Feel free to share your opinion on which slogan is the best one to win the contest. This migt help out our judges from Gin & Jacqie a bit since they're quite new with this..

Just fill your details and complete the tie-breaker in less than 40 words!
"If I could design my own practical and functional bag which I could carry everyday and cost below RM40 it would be..."

List of Slogans

1. something pink, something cute, something to reflect my bubbly nature...wait a minute... it would definitely be like Gin & Jacqie's incredible bags!

2. medium in size, blue or pink would be nice, 2-in-1 funtionality I really keen, tote cum mother-and-baby bag is what I mean; conversible mode, chic, and trendy, bags of my choice none other than Gin & Jacqie!

3. a pretty bag which I can sling around me, a tiny bag...big enough to hold all my important things and small enough to be kept away from the quick hands of a snatch thief.

4. the lightest backpack every designed. It is made from the lightest material but it could hold up to 10kg worth of weight that the user does not fell it while carrying it. It also has small comparments for storage of small items like mouse, cable, handphone, earphone and many more.

5. "a versatile bagpack that's eeny,mini,mighty and Moe, Sturdily tough and water resistance to a Toe, Practical for both Adults and Kids on the Go, Not forgetting the Flaming Colours for the Bold!"
6. a sling bag which i design it with my own material ,colour and style coz i know what it is for and what to be put in there
.7. a trendy compartment bag that even has a purse or toiletry bag within the main bag. It's an easy transfer when ever I want to change bag designs but still keep all the important items in one bag.
8. GREAT, even everybody can show their talent by design own and present this quality and long lasting bag as a gift to friends too. Show them my designs are qualified to be display in town!!!
9. black as the night to keep all the dirt away, small enough to hide when strangers are near, with enough compartments to stow all my precious vouchers, complete with a sling strap to keep it near!
10. "Foldable into four inches, Easily fitting into my jeans. Attached with a chain hook to my belt, It’ll not fall and definitely stay held. Being waterproof material, AliceWonders advantage is proven to be real!"
11. big enough to keep all my to-die-for stuff, cute enough to show my zest for life, handy enough so it?ll not weigh me down during those crazy sales, small enough to hang on to so snatchers cannot get it!
12. filled with many special secret compartments so that I can find all my little things without turning the bag inside out ?
13. recycle bag as it is good for the environment and it is not heavy to bring along. Most shoppers now using it at the hypermarket for shopping and even teens are using it as tuition bag.
14. tote bag because it is easy to carry and convenient to bring in the hypermarket. It is not bulky and suitable for teen and working adults.
15. sling bag because it is easy to carry and it is very hot fashion today!
16. easy to carry and quality.
17. elegent and sophisticated yet environmentally friendly. It should be black with a touch of green for nature awareness. Maybe a tree in the center with midnight atmosphere to represent calm and peace. A practical yet functional bag.
18. "A elegantly sexy 3-in-1 bag, Sling, hand carry or comfortably fit the back, One which gives me exclusive rights to brag, Checkered pattern with stripes of red and black."
19. a multi-function 4-in-1 type which I can use as a clutch, sling-bag, handbag or pouch for different occasion and according to my mood.
20. one that is so cool which I can transform it's look just by changing it's cover and also waterproof from rain and spills.
21. bag that resembles LV's durability, Dolce & Gabbana's chic and Gucci's esteem.
22. the one in red and pink, with a flower design. the bag should also have lots of small compartment to put all my make-up and my baby stuff.
23. made from durable, waterproof yet lightweight material and come with pockets and compartments. It should also be reversible and come in different colors on both inside and outside so I could turn it inside out to match my outfit.
24. waterproof leather-like material, just one big space on the inside with just two pockets on the outside, with a tearaway strap for security purposes...
25. macho laptop bag for the busy working men, with the choices of brown or tan, compartments for laptop newspapers wallet and pen, adjustable sling extendable pockets will make it the latest trend, undoubtedly I am Gin and Jacqie's biggest fan!
26. something look cool, funky, has appropriate compartments and can be use two sided application. Besides that it is wonderful if it can be sling as well as hand carried.
27. of a dark colour so that it would not get dirty easily. It would also have adjustable handles which will allow me to change it from a sling handbag to a short handle handbag easily for different occasions.
28. my pleasure to be a loyal customer of Gin & Jacqie, buy at least 5 bags for every year, use everyday to go office or any function and would be used as gift for Birthday Present and Wedding Gift.
29. fashionable and stylishly designed, as well as eye-catching in bold and striking colours. Suitable for everyday use and made of a durable yet soft material, the bag would liven up my appearance and be my best accessory.
30. suitable for all kinds of weather, as well as easy to mix-and-match with my outfits. It would be made from a strong yet soft material, stylishly designed for everyday use and catch people's attention by its unique and chic appearance.
31. a laptop bag for a workaholic like me, strong boring black but must be hardy, long lasting zip tough material absolutely the key, for tonnes of things for me to carry, the only brand I trust definitely Gin and Jacqie!
32. a bag that has a special compartment for pepper spray, parang etc. All those safety equipments.And it is water proof and comfortable to carry.
33. more than just a bag, it is a life partner to support me all the time regardless day or night.
34. "Gin & Jacqie bags because :G - GlamorousI - InN - Niche&J - JustA - Affordable, C - Come withQ - Quality, I - Invent forE - Endless"
35. a bag that I can change it from ordinary bag to umbrella, stylish cloth and even sleeping bag...
36. a free-style design where I can always suit it to individual preference which I strongly believe that this kind of design will be the only one in the world!
37. covertible swing pack & carry all tote
38. A maximum satisfaction and I will wear it with full of pride as my own piece of art on my own bag.Handbag and women is like melody and lyrics but the best thing is I can compose my own songs!!
39. a medium size sling bag with extended zipper below which i can unzipped the bottom part to extend it longer when i need to put more things in it.
40. a small polyurethane backpack with one zippered outside compartment, one zippered pocket, two elasticated side mesh pockets, one grab handle and mesh padding shoulder straps with elastic rings. Features inside should include one pocket and one phone pocket.
41. a reversible backpack/sling bag. It can be worn as backpack or sling bag. It has floral pattern on one side and classic black on the other. Has plenty of functional pockets.
42. white/light grey in colour, with silver zipper, match with a dark-red logo, small than a A4 paper size, holder is short, in-front got 2 pocket design, inside has a small pocket too.
43. "a bag with self-improvised design that looks cute,cool, pretty,adorable yet functional,with many compartments to satisfy womanly pleasure.A bag perfect for work and weekend outing, something that perks up my routine working day and makes heads turn!"
44. stylish, comfortable and made of a strong yet soft material that can endure anything--much like the concept of Gin & Jacqie bags. It would be easy to carry and creatively designed, as well as spacious and sensible.
45. hand bag cum sling bag which i can use it for during office hours and converted to sling bag after office hours.
46. like Gin & Jacqie fancy, fashionable, stylish, vibrant, young look bags, that I could carry wherever and whenever I am. I can stores anything I want inside it and long-lasting.
47. If I could design my own practical and functional bag which I could carry everyday and cost below RM40 it would be a stylish, funky and fashionable handbag made by leather and has a few pouches at the sides for me to keep my little things.
48. stylishly understated, modest about its origins without screaming grandiose; fulfilling my daily needs, protecting the personal items, shielding the necessary, yet distinctive enough that it feels like a natural extension of my personality.
50. Murah Tak Bererti Tidak Bergaya, Mahal Sekalipun Tiada Siapa Yang Tanya, Janji Design Menarik Dan Mempersona, Mudah Dan Ringkas Pilihan Semua, Soal Kos Perkara Kedua..Janji Ada..terima kasih.
51. a laptop size , light colour, inside has layer to separate thing, two pocket to keep coin, outside attach with a small cutie purse
52. go to corporate company and give me sponsor for help .
53. compact & simple yet be able to fit all the essentials things I need & beautiful because one should always strive to surround oneself with beautiful things.
54. simply the best compared to the rest.
55. a tote bag made out of cross-stitch, big and handy enough to store my valuables. The designs of course will be colourful, fun, cheeky and most importantly STYLISH and CUTE!
56. very cool i can have what i expected and save my money to buy the branded bag which are very expensive and maybe not what axactly what i like. It's very nice because the bag is unique and unsellable.
57. a white artificial lether bag which suitable for any cloth. it is around 30cm*20cm long which can used to fill in many neccessary items and a book.
59. made of light material and have just three compartments, to snugly fit my purse, some coins and my mobile phone
60. a huge tote bag with various organized compartments to hold all my stuff and most importantly, easy to find them without digging relentlessly. The eye-catching fabric should be glamourous and the alluring design should be stunning. It should be a well-equipped bag that I would not leave home without!
61. a TRENDY backpack, with an EXEMPLARY design of a VARIETY of pockets, organized with splendid VERSATILITY, alluring CREATIVITY and high FUNCTIONALITY, crafted with SUPREMACY in fabulous fabrics of exquisite QUALITY and PRETTY handles that are STURDY offering stylish ARTISTRY and showcasing illustrious INDIVIDUALITY, matching the IRRESISTIBILITY of a 'Gin & Jacqie' product that's LEGENDARY.
62. a bag that has many compartments with plenty of spaces but is light weight.
63. very good for me who like to design an economical yet fashionable bag! I can also "show off" my design everywhere regards of the place. Why? because Gin & Jacqie? bag is practical and functional!
64. superb great for me who like economical yet fashionable item. I can also "show off" my design everywhere and introduce them Gin & Jacqie? bags! This is what Gin & Jacqie? do right? Be yourself designer!
65. a most creative bag in the world that will look more natural way and the bag that only me have in the world and it will obtain attention from people on me regardless where i am going.
66. zip mode outlook and inside has a few pocket - size space to put in some card or coin. dark colour series match with silver zip accessories(special designed)
67. bag who carry gadget as designer & photographer without compromise the look as model who always touch up my face, its light & slim, it can carry a bit of cloth with extension and always use big zip for big security. Bag is not mean for carry but is less your burden with carry-less.
68. the most "Feng Shui" style bag. I like a black colour cloth which printed a small golden or silver colour of chinese dragon's pattern at the corner. There was difference colour inside the bag.
69. nice and a lot new styles. most popular everyday with cool design bags ranging from work, travel, going out, baby, wedding, cosmetic, clutch and accessories etc.
70. uniquely 'chic' in my very own style. Imagine a more vibrant world exhibiting our true colours while saving the environment from 'highly-disposable' plastic bags.
71. using discarded plastic containers as they are durable and readily available in every household to mix and match sizes to suit individual needs. Fashionistas can use wrapping paper to decorate and change styles anytime to suit the occasion.
72. a backpack that I could carry to school everyday and even use it to carry my stuffs during outdoor activities such as jungle trekking.The design must be something related to nature because I am a nature freak.
73. "a manga like, with splashed of NO-BLACK but rainbow-coloured, which fits my 12.1"" laptop, with 3 small pockets to fit my coins and ID card, which also slim, light and stylish as my laptop."
74. the most convenient thing in my life as a working lady. Bags in the current markets are too expensive -the bigger in size,the bigger amount to pay. So,with my designed bag it's make my life easier and affordable
.75. a handy notebook tool bag that supplies everything I need for troubleshooting, testing and system maintenance; attaches with my name tag. When lost in jargon and each step's a bungle, it guides me through the computer jungle.
76. a very versatile bag. Adjustable size by folding the sides. Black coloured and can be decorated by pinning different coloured cloths depending on mood. Bag can also be worn by turning inside out for a different texture of outer layer.
77. an elegant bag which can be use for all occasions with many partition needed for a lady user which includes space for hand phone, wallet, tissue, cosmetics, sanitary pad, note pad and pen, thumb drive, coins and other compulsory accessories.
78. "a shoulder bag with zip, simple design, trendy and hip, many partitions and mutifinction, with bag look so perfect can release my tension!"
79. a bag that could be detached into 3 different compartments, becoming 3 bags by itself. The first compartment a gym bag that could contain sneakers and gym attire. The second compartment for personal items and third as a laptop bag!
80. "a sling bag as it rest comfortably behind you, while allowing easy access by simply swinging it off your shoulder."
81. stylish elaine, convenient to use for me and my baby, long lasting, practical and affordable . Bag that forget the rest and bag your way, my bag your bag and bag for all. My bag built for perfection
82. a durable backpack that is funky to boot with practical compartments for my must-haves such as my PDA, iPod and occasionally the laptop.
83. from a DIY project, denim material is perfect, tote bag I make, sew and stitch up the shape, handles along the edges, lined with cute fabric corsages, carry my stuff it's so versatile, an expression of personal style
.84. a light yet durable backpack with multi-compartment to ensure i am organized and safe from snatch thief. Also, convertable into a sling bag and water-resistant during those rainy days.
85. "If I could design my own practical and functional bag which I could carry everyday and cost below RM40 it would be useful, beautiful, and make it white, my favourite. I would have some hand drawing or writing on the front to make it more attractive and more temperament. I would make good dividing inside and secret pocket for sanitary pad."
86. one comprising multiple interlocking compartments of various sizes allowing me to customize bags to suit the situation like singles for sophisticated dinner engagements, combining two or more for daily use and the whole set as a multi-purpose travel bag.
87. If I could design my own practical and functional bag which I could carry everyday and cost below RM40 it would be a bag that has my own label! Saffawati.Com! Made out of Designer fabric like Sew Good Fabric (Etsy).
88. in red color and oval shape like a basket. in big size with big silver buckle.
89. a retro design, made by recycled material.
90. ebony black cotton tote with gorgeous marigold, 40cmX35cm is the perfect size to go, 2 inner plus 2 front pocket holes, zip to fasten the hold, perfect for work or go for a stroll, 100% it will be sold!!
91. a very Gin & Jacqie style bag which is filled with fashionable designs and styles which shines! Gin & Jacqie makes you more feminine!
92. simple and has lot of stripes to looks cool and expensive
93. a tote with not more than 3 colours with minimal modern design patterns on it.
94. one which suits both female/male, durable, washable, practical storage compartments and adjustable sizes for all kinds events.
95. one which is made of washable and quality material, with easy-access compartments, secured zipped for wallets, cool and vibrant colors plus a size which is can be adjusted for different function.
96. a thinking bag where when I start to carry or use it, it will stimulate my mind more to a greater heights and giving me the sense of belongings, just like Gin & Jacqie Bags.
97. chic in design, medium in size, few additional pockets inside would be nice; soft yet durable, very much affordable; shoulder bags, sling or tote, all are simply lovely, my favourite, reputable brand none other than Gin & Jacqie!
98. made from my old pair of jean as it is durable and always fashionable. The dimensions would be 11"H x 15"W x 3"D as this size is big enough for business documents and shopping items.
99. "(E)legant , (S)tylish, wa(S)hable, (E)nvironmental-friendly, tre(N)dy, wa(T)er-proof and (I) simply (A)dore its durabi(L)ity."
100. If I could design my own practical and functional bag which I could carry everyday and cost below RM40 it would be a nice solid colour tote bag, which inside there is a 'pocket' for me to place notebook,then with enough space to put in files, books, and a small make-up case, and certaintly the material would be leather-like with a lovely elegant big bow!
101. stylish nonetheless, design and quality will not be compromised.
102. simple yet dynamic preferably with local batik or songket motif and compliment perfectly with my daily outfit, plus it'd have multiple compartments for my cosmetics, handphone, cards, keys, cash and ready to go!
103. one that doubles as a shopping bag and also as an office bag that is stylish and young. It must be G&J, representing Green, for the environment and J, for Jubilant.
104. colorful because it will cheer me up, unique and different design because its attract people around me, a fashionable with up to date trendy, very practicality so i can use it comfortably every time and anytime without thinking others product.
105. with lots of pocket,so that i can tuck in my earrings,bracelets and anklets,not to forget a security compartment for my diamond which is a few carats and bag is convertible from biggest to the smallest.
106. the only one designed in this world, becuase is specially dedicated to the beloved one, hand-made and 100 % using natural material to create to inspire you desire to own a bag like this
107. "sell like a hot cake in the market if I could commercialized it, it will become a new fashion trend for the youngsters, and the most important thing is.... it's work!"
108. a casual colourful waterproof nylon shoulder bag which will lead me to an open door where vogue and contemporary lifestyles live.109. tote bag with patchwork or abstract printed on it.The material I'm using is cotton.I can create it easy to wash,anti-bacterial,attractive colors and stylish to envy every eyes when they are look at me.

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