Isnin, 23 Mac 2009


There are few ways to appraoch this matter. I remember a few years back during the SMS craze, a fren of mine spent rm30k to try and win a car worth Rm150k. Well, technically he would hv won but of cos the organiser had different ideas. Eventually my fren brought the case to consumer tribunal and he lost his case. That time reporters were there and becos of this brouhaha, some quarters came up with the idea to ban SMS contest altogether esp JAKIM and muftis n imams gvng their consent. Well that was quite a bit of publicity and to the danger of SMS contests esp those that requires u to gamble away ur wealth to win something in return.Today we find this similar concept hidden in these few contests we see yearly, MOST entries. What i suggested earlier was to hit those contestants back where it hurts the most but we too must fork out our fair share of risk. Some ppl may not like it.So what we can do is to flood the papers with our "concerns" and if possible find the relevant Ministry to highlight this. Better still write to JAKIM or CAP (consumer assc) and enlighten them of this "gambling" past time available in Msia and am sure many Muslims are dabbling in it without knowing. Next, you can write to the various organisers (these r big corporations) and tell them your concerns and remind them of their social responsibilities which is not just confined to making huge profits. Tell them bluntly, how do u expect a regular user to win a grd prize eventhough he/she uses twice as much as per normal when u hv gamblers out there?The more we educate the ppl out there that it wont pay or reward u handsomely even though u increase the usage by 5 times as per normal and then u will see such contests will rcv lukewarm responses and org will hv to rethink their promo plans.

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