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Over 4,000 puns, word play, captions, headlines and slogan ideas covering 43 categories from animals to transport. Pun-ch Lines! by Lynne Suzanne & Dee Tracy. Illustrator: Ron McGeary. As featured on Carlton TV's Nice Little Earners and UK Horizon's Dishing the Dirt documentary about interesting jobs and pastimes. If you want puns, captions and word play for your slogans competitions or headlines, you'll find Pun-ch Lines! packs a punch! A solution to your slogan writing problems with over 4,000 puns, word play, captions, headlines and inspirational ideas for your successful slogans... You've only to watch TV, read a newspaper or magazine to see puns, word play, headlines, captions and advertising slogans everywhere... Successful slogans reap rewards to maximise your chances of winning gleaming new cars and prize holidays. You'll discover Pun-ch Lines! is packed with gems like these...

Coffee: Coffee every Thirst-day morning!
Dairy: A dairy tale come true!
Computers: Clients enter, save and return!
Gardening: Sowing seeds of success!
Motoring: Motor-vated to win a car!

Sauce: Sauce of inspiration Here's some ideas of how Pun-ch Lines! can help you write winning words and sparkling slogans. "Fits" our New Year Resolution! won a £1,500 health break prize"Pack-ed" with shelf confidence! won a commercial tool cabinet prize"Gold-en opera-tune-ity!" won a £2,000 prize music system Pun-ch Lines! has 43 categories from animals to travel, to provide you with inspirational ideas. You'll find each category has an introduction, for example: Holiday hotspots- Introduction Make a word list of your holiday hotspots, places, sights and scenery, for example: Goa, India, RioToy with words to add impact to your destination theme, for example:

Goa-geous cuisineIndia the right store
Rio-lise your dreams Experiment with capital cities, holiday resorts and currency, as in:
Capital place to beAs a last resortMakes good cents Each introduction is followed by... puns, word play, headlines, captions and inspirational ideas for you to use in your slogans. Eiffel in love with ParisFamily days outFerry tale endingFish-ical funFlights of fancyGive your life a liftGrin and tonicI rest my case!In at the deep end

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