Isnin, 23 Mac 2009

puisi merdeka

I think many people know where i get this. Anyway, it really help me with TM slogan. When i have time, i'll update with pantun merdeka pulak. If you have any poem about merdeka, feel free to add here.

Grand Prize
the bunga raya symbolizes our unity, the Jalur Gemilang carries our identity, in the Negaraku lies our pride and glory

.1st Prizes
he fulfills the role of a mother who nourishes, nurses and makes me grow up yet she never abandons me.

2nd Prize
within individual we have no enemies, within race we have no differences, within nation we have no bitterness, only unity and love among Malaysian.

Prizeno country, so peaceful; many hardships, yet successful; grown, really wonderful and beautiful; malaysia, here i remain always, truly thankful.

escaped famine in China, flood in India, illness in Indonesia, death in sharky seas, but found paradise in Malaysia!

of the boring climate, diverse food selection, harmonious population, and the only socialunrest is the occasional price increase.

cultures and natural beauties aplenty, progressive economy ensures oppurtunity, everyoneshare in unity, what a land of solidarity.

Malaysia treasure unity and peace like gold, food aplenty, inflation low Multi -cultureunique as rainbow.

through good times and bad, come what may, my heart stays right here and I'll have it no other way.

just like a tree,my roots have grown deep and strong in the Malaysian soil,absorbing itscultures,warmth,beauty,prosperity,and love

I'm well pampered in this nation overflowing with love and grace of her wonderful people.

combining patriotic muhibbah theme with nationalistic malaysia boleh scheme, our multi-racialmalaysian team fulfill our futuristic dreams!

peace and harmony are the threads of unity that weave through every malaysian, shapingour bangsa malaysiaeast or west, malaysias the best, living harmony and united adding zest, to be malaysianlike me, whats the rest !!!

rome may have the best pasta, they still can t beat our laksa, malaysia truly an eating fiesta!48 years of independence, its racial harmony is an achievement, working together to greatprosperity, malaysia certainly my beautiful country.

Malaysia progress, Malaysian unites, in this friendly land, I can tell the world, I amproud to be a Malaysian.

it is where my heart reside, my body revive and my mind repose.with natural beauty, high literacy, unity in diversity, innovative energy, The place for myfamily!

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