Isnin, 23 Mac 2009

pilihlah slogan

i like
9. be it online, offline, sms, siggy, whatever type of contest you want, you will find it at a one-stop portal -> Emenang !
14. "Tips and Trick can easily found, Efficient guide from expert around, Interesting stories from those lose and win, Live chat forum freely express your feeling."
34. eMenang is fantastic, has some mystic, makes me become the contest lunatics and it's really cool when eMenang will change my dream more realistic!
91. "Sama ada peraduan terkini ataupun senarai pemenang, Para comper boleh bertenang, Kerana dengan adanya eMenang, Semua maklumat akan dalam genggaman, Dan boleh didapati senang-lenang."
98. "eMenang is the ultimate family pack, enthralling contest keeps young and old on the winning track."hahahahahahh!!!!!!
10. besides promote healthy contesting, it makes me a well being, joining contest is thrilling, so is Sha, Flo, Badz, Jaa and Jingjing. duno the meaning but i love to read it
12. "Its pride of the nation, Forum full of vision, My special Seventh Heaven, Definitely one in a million."kinda meaningful
21. there are lots to do - taking a virtual walkabout, stopping and hanging out with my fellow compers, checking out what's hot and what's not!
30. to win or to lose, just try for whatever caused, great community to share among is , hope can win mysterious CUTEeeeeeeeeeee
36. "friendly eMenang community, I feel welcome and part of the family, bonding's strong you feel the unity, competition is stiff but everyone is happy happy!"waHhh,siapa ini ??????78. ???????????????????????HARD????? or COOL PRIZES?????????????'s not
81. it peace room.definitely!!!
85. "Contests bring me here, Clues get me here, Prizes attract me here, Cracking, Contributing, and Pleasing, All we can get from here."ohh...i can smelll siapa punya....xD ! ahak~
"E=Enthusiastic to win
M=Money, prizes
E=Effort, passion
N=Never ever give up
A=Absolutely rewarding
N=No worries, just smile
G=Gonna win from eMenang in style!

"weeeeeeee...bububububbuuuuuuuuuuuu bOOooo!!!

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