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Hi again,As promised earlier, here's the list of all slogan received for our Spot The Icon Contest. Thank you very much for your participation. (I think some emenangites forget to submit their entry due to confusion of the dateline.. ..) Feel free to share your opinion on which slogan is the best one to win the contest. Oh btw, the winning slogan could also become our new official eMenang slogan as proposed by MrSlogan..

Complete this slogan in less than 25 words.
"I love eMenang because..."

List of Slogans

2. where else can you find a one-stop most updated contest just with a click ? Saving your time and dime, making it worthwhile try !
3. it enables me to know first hand contests and answers to all the contest. It's an excellence one-stop contest center.
4. I have E-ngaged to a beautiful girl, E-volved to a matured guy, now i ONLY need E-menang in contests to the fullest!
5. it's the happiest place on earth, where I can let my hair down and hang loose, free from scrutiny - free to be myself.
6. it makes my life become more simple and easy to be HAPPY everyday.
7. a nice online platform for everybody to try your luck to win prizes and eveything is win by your effort!!!
8. eMenang is the emporium to all contest for Malaysian, a dream comes true for Malaysia's comper. It's really a trolley full of contest information !
9. be it online, offline, sms, siggy, whatever type of contest you want, you will find it at a one-stop portal -> Emenang !
10. besides promote healthy contesting, it makes me a well being, joining contest is thrilling, so is Sha, Flo, Badz, Jaa and Jingjing.
11. "its finely fondly and fluffy, entertainment for whole family, widest choice of variety, eMenang deserves a Grammy!"
12. "Its pride of the nation, Forum full of vision, My special Seventh Heaven, Definitely one in a million."
13. it's my sanctuary, my happy place - where I can come out of the closet and embrace my passion for compering wholeheartedly.
14. "Tips and Trick can easily found, Efficient guide from expert around, Interesting stories from those lose and win, Live chat forum freely express your feeling."
15. only one simple, two easy clicks make my winning seven days a week.
16. it's my top enjoyable and interesting place for my daily lifestyle.
17. besides providing useful tips and information on contesting,it also provides a good platform for all contest hobbyists to interact and share opinions-let's MeNanG!!;-)
18. it is the place to get information on contests and the forumers are friendly and helpful. Emenang definately is the number one source for me.
19. "Menang" is my policy, the feel of receiving prizes always make me feel like I'm on top of Mount Everest, everyone is below my feet.
20. it's where I get the latest updates on what's hot and what's not in the compering world with an abudance of tips thrown in.
21. there are lots to do - taking a virtual walkabout, stopping and hanging out with my fellow compers, checking out what's hot and what's not!
22. it's the perfect way to start my day, gives me a high without the caffeine...and the ideal way to end an exhausting day.
23. it is our guiding light in this dark world and our beacon in the stormy sea of compering.
24. Emenang is universal, Emenang is trusting and will guide us all on the right path to "Compering and Winning the right way".
25. though we may differ and be rivals at times, when anyone needs help, you can be sure we'll all band together as one!
26. the world is a big and lonely place - with Emenang, I've finally found a place I can call my home! Life is great!
27. i feel like i can spend my waste time when surfing internet for a good propose compare waste it for bad activities.. I also love play contest and win the prizes.
28. eMenang brings me many information about all kinds of contests, giving me the chance of wining. eMenang is a amazing one-stop contest portal,so i love eMenang.
29. I've got more information of the contest, it covers all aspects, let me feel fun and joy to win prize......great job!
30. to win or to lose, just try for whatever caused, great community to share among is , hope can win mysterious gifts.
31. it a site where most of the contest in Malaysia are viewed and there is nil fees being paid for entree and its absulotely free.
32. "FAIRPLAY is the motto, Emenangites rule the ghetto.
33. Hardwork, Patience and Determination, Emenang has my vote of Appreciation."
34. eMenang is fantastic, has some mystic, makes me become the contest lunatics and it's really cool when eMenang will change my dream more realistic!
35. leads us to feel the intangible, see the invisible, and achieve the impossible.
36. "friendly eMenang community, I feel welcome and part of the family, bonding's strong you feel the unity, competition is stiff but everyone is happy happy!"
37. it helps me Easily-MENANG prizes. It has accurate, pleasent, updated informations and a welcoming forum. It also gives chances to everyone, which is fair.
38. it contains with accurate informations hourly-updated and let me MENANG MENANG MENANG!!!
39. it supplies all the kick-ass information that really helped people like me!
40. could not life without this website, it's my favourite website, join the contest is my primary hobby and win a contest make me happy.
41. it makes my dream of winning contests and prizes easier.
42. it perks me up, calm me down, takes away that worried frown and doubled my pleasure and spark me off in the right contest direction !
43. it bolds glow like no bulb has shone before, becoming the light sensation for a dynamic transformation in the Malaysia contest world !
44. whilst other contest site diminish and fate, Emenang continue into another decade, providing endless contest info and motto.
45. out of the darkness, into the light, emenang always provide the mood right whenever, wherever you want to participate any contest !
46. it's the home for all the compers, here we compete discuss and banter, though must behave trim and proper, hope everyone will win and prosper!
47. give great opportunity for me to win fabulous prizes.
48. eMenang provides chances for people to test their luck and win cool prizes in tons of contests within and out of Malaysia.
49. this is the place where I learn about life,fate and luck.Where I believe that opportunity is always there until we grab it.
50. fully loaded contest galore, its eeny meeny miny moe simplest way to win contests, an inch closer to win ultimate prizes, ONLY in eMenang!!
51. transforming a LOSER to a WINNER, its the academy of compers producing pro sloganist and winners with WORLD CLASS training facilities! Thats eMenang!!!
52. eMenang is like a durian, the thorns are "otai" compers, just persevere and keep trying, I will successfully taste the sweet and juicy durian!
53. eMenang is like a durian, the thorns are "otai" compers, just persevere and keep trying, I will successfully taste the sweet and juicy durian!
54. it has so many supercool contests and information as well , just liven up my spirit and contest as its best!
55. one stop contest portal that excites where I can truly find my heart's delight.
56. it creates more opportunity for me; to enter fabulous contests and to grab-win marvelous prizes at ease!!
57. All contest have this web site.
58. eMenang is a good source of contest for me to win more prizes!
59. all the prizes are lovely and it also has full of suprises.
60. eMenang help us participate contest in easier way and is giving out great prizes on the 2nd Anniversary! eMenang = easeMenang!! I love you!!
61. BUNNY's perfect for birthday, my favourite JACQIE's always grey, VALENTINE's my favorite day, I FEEL GOOD Thanks God It's Friday, LIFE's great everyday's eMenang day!
63. the battle ground for Malaysian best compers, we share tiebreakers we share answers, I lose I'm a whinner, if I win I'm the ultimate warrior!
64. A big hopes & chance from eMenang to bring a lot of positive hints and energy for our life.
65. it has the best information, so up to date and easy to navigate, definitely a site i'll recommend friends.
66. the contest information is perfectly sought and the website design is completely wrought, just a glimpse and my interest is absolutely caught!
67. it is a very Easy way for me to Menang in everyday! Everyday will be a Menang day!!
68. this is the website that I can access all the online contests going on and get the chance to win a prize.
69. It makes my life full of fun and surprise. eMeniang bring hopes to everyone in everyday. I wish to share eMenang with my family & friends!
70. It's my lifestyle portal that always grabs my eyeballs, whets my appetite by helping me to find up-to-date worldwide contests. Thank you, eMenang!
71. this is the most popular website where compers from all over Malaysia hang out to share their experiences and information.
72. I use to fall into this category" an idle mind is the devil's workshop" but eMenang gave me a hobby and new challenges.
73. I get the chance to find out about many products and competitions and gives me a shot to Menang!!!
74. it opens a lot of doors to different competitions that even foreigners like me can join!
75. while searching for the answers to all the competitions, I end up finding and discovering useful information instead!
76. it's the fastest ever-growing compers community in Malaysia - and some say in Asia! Unbelievable? Believe that..I'm truly glad.
77. comping secrets revealed, dreams fulfilled, indeed I'm thrilled!
78. ???????????????????????HARD????? or COOL PRIZES?????????????
79. syntax or 404 error, day or night and whether Bush's shoe throwing hit or not, I'll login to emenang thats the way I like it.
80. syntax or 404 error, day or night and whether Bush's shoe throwing hit or not, I'll login to emenang thats the way I like it.
81. it peace room.
82. always in win win situation. Lucky we got good prize, if not can explore knowledge. Important thing we in peace and tolerance room.
83. it's full of excitement, entertainment and etcetera prizes to be won.
84. I love to win; giving eMenang Portal a spin, this newbie comper can't help but win.
85. "Contests bring me here, Clues get me here, Prizes attract me here, Cracking, Contributing, and Pleasing, All we can get from here."
86. It’s รก passport to compers’ wonderland that provides everyone a feel good chance!
87. It’s Malaysia’s premier contest portal where contests and prizes are at an abundance and winning is a virtue of one?s ultimate persistence
88. I love eMenang because eMenang always help me fully utilize my time to fullfill my dream and help me to win what i wish to win, I LOVE YOU!
89. now I greet my postman with grin, I learn the secret, I win and win!
90. "E=Enthusiastic to winM=Money, prizesE=Effort, passionN=Never ever give upA=Absolutely rewardingN=No worries, just smileG=Gonna win from eMenang in style!"
91. "Sama ada peraduan terkini ataupun senarai pemenang, Para comper boleh bertenang, Kerana dengan adanya eMenang, Semua maklumat akan dalam genggaman, Dan boleh didapati senang-lenang."
92. it is an open door where fun & joy lives.
93. when we think of INTERNET, we have hotspot; when I think of CONTEST, this is the spot!94. when we think of INTERNET we have hotspot, when we think of CONTEST this is the spot.
95. Sha for sharing, Vic for victory, with both combinations I'm sure a winner.
96. who could ask for more, where contest information galore; winning dreams no more, with eMenang never fail to score!
97. With eMenang portal you can’t lose, only problem which contest to choose!
98. "eMenang is the ultimate family pack, enthralling contest keeps young and old on the winning track."
99. "World class website keeps me in top gear, now I’m complete and have no fear, this could just be my winning year."
100. it gives me winning inspirations, friends, prizes galore; many thanks to eMenang, now I can win more, more and more!
101. "eMenang the contest portal, Update me every contest and result, Being here, winning is not a matter, eMenang, we share and win."

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