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First time Slurpee drinker? New to the experience? Need a Refresher? Here is where you go to learn it all!
Lesson 1: What is a Slurpee?
One of the most important things that you must know about Slurpees is that you can ONLY get them at 7-ELEVEN! Frosters and slushees are NOT Slurpees, and you cannot get a Slurpee from Macs or any other place.
Do not call anything that is not a Slurpee a Slurpee, because doing so is an insult to me, to the Slurpee, and all Slurpee addicts.
Lesson 2: Picking the size
Ready for your [first] Slurpee? Alright, then let's go!
Enter a 7-Eleven store, and head towards the Slurpee machines. There are different sizes of cups: 12oz (US), 16oz (Canada), 28oz (Canada), 40 oz (canada), and 44oz (US).All are good.
Pick the size cup you want. If it's your first time, perhaps get the smallest size.
Ready to pour? Not yet!
Lesson 3: Consistency
Look at the taps. What does the Slurpee inside looks like as the machine mixes it? Does it look watery---can you see the white thingy turning inside? Is there colored water swishing around? If so do not take this flavour
Of the remaining flavours, pick the one you would like. Double check to see if it is watery.
Now, very carefully, open the tap slowly and only a little. Colored sugar water will come out. Wait until it slows or stops.
Lesson 4: Pouring
Now you are ready to pour.
Put your cup underneath and open the tap fully. Fill until the desired amount is obtained. Mix flavours if desired, but make sure to drain the taps before pouring.
If you do not know what a flavour tastes like, then put your finger below (not IN) the tap and open it a little bit, and taste what lands on your finger. If you like it, good. If not, don't take it.
Stop at the top, making sure not to spill. If you do spill, get a napkin and wipe off the cup and anywhere that got wet from Slurpee.
Lesson 5: Lids Are you going to put on a lid?
Here are the deciding factors:
a) Will you be driving crazy with your slurpee in the cup holder or between your legs, or riding your bike? Is it raining? Is it really windy? These may be indications that you should use a lid
b) What is the consistency of your Slurpee? Did it pile up like a soft-serve ice cream, or is it flat? If it is flat, then you can safely put a lid on if you are using the small size, which has a flat lid. If it's piled, and you don't require a lid, then don't put on one. If you still want one, then make sure that the Slurpee isn't higher than where the lid sits (this is true for both flat and dome lids). Lick or spoon off any excess Slurpee. Don't squish it out onto the counter.
c) Age. If you or the one you are helping is younger, especially if they are under 8, then you might be wise to put on a lid to make sure that if they drop their slurpee, it won't spill out everywhere.
d) With practice and experience, you can use dome lids to your advantage, especially if the consistency is not stackable. After filling your slurpee to the rim, put on the dome lid. DO NOT INSERT STRAW. Hold slurpee with the lid securely on top, right below the nozzle. Carefully start to pour the slurpee through the opening on the top of the lid. The nozzle sits perfectly in the hole, but you must make sure that air can escape out as you pour the Slurpee in. Stop as soon as the Slurpee fills the dome.
Lesson 6: Straws
Pick out a colour from the variety of straws on the counter. Slurpee straws are the ones that are thicker, colourful, and with the spoon at the tip.
Positioning your straw might be important to some people. Straws go on after the lid. If you have a lid, the straw will naturally go in the middle. If you have no lid, put it to the side because otherwise the straw will be pushed there anyways.
Don't use a fountain and a slurpee straw, because from experience I can tell you that in the end, the fountain straw will end up in your nose.
Lesson 7: Paying
Don't forget to pay for your Slurpee! Line up at the counter in a civilized manner; when it's your turn, place your Slurpee on the counter, and the clerk will likely scan it. The cost will depend on the size of the Slurpee you have. Hand the clerk your money, and wait for change, if applicable. Be polite to the clerk ringing in your purchase; a smile and/or a thank-you goes a long way, and can really make someone's day. Besides, they may just become a 7-Eleven friend that you come to know with frequent returns to the store, and that might equal an occasional free slurpee!
Lesson 8: Coming Back
So how was it? Will you be returning again for some more? Here are some things to consider now that you have the basics down:
The prime time of Slurpee consumption is 4-11PM. When it is hot out, it is even earlier. So, on hot days, it would be wise to go as early in the day as possible to get a Slurpee. Other wise the consistency will be bad.
The task of consistency identification takes a lot of practice and experience. Don't fret if you don't get it at first. Just take a little bit in your cup at a time to test, and see if its good. DO NOT pour a whole bunch and then dump it. That's wasteful and not nice.
If the consistency is not good, then don't take too much. If all flavours are of bad consistency, then try a different 7-eleven, if possible.
One thing to take note of: you can refill collectible, Gulp, and reusable plastic Slurpee cups for a lower price than getting a new cup each time. You can save a lot of money by doing this, and it is also environmentally friendly. If you decide to use a Gulp or collector cup for your refills, label 'Refill' somewhere on the cup so that the person ringing in your purchase charges you the correct amount.
You have completed Slurpee 101. Remember to practice as often as possible, and teach others what you have learned.
If you have any questions what so ever, then email me. I would be more than happy to answer them for you.
If you have anything to add to this page, then email me as well, especially if you think I missed an important lesson.

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