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i like slurpee

Slurpee Tips
• The famous 7-Eleven dome lids are great for those who are untrained at the art of stacking. Use them to your advantage for thinner consistencies that will not pile.
• Great at stacking? Don't let the lids limit how much you can pile on!
• Slurpees are great for soothing sore throats, except if it's syrupy.
• It's fun to put more than one straw into your Slurpee, especially if you combine the different colored straws, but also be careful. If you don't watch, one straw may go up your nose when you put another straw in your mouth!
• Fight cold with cold. A Slurpee in the dead of winter is never a bad idea.
• Some flavors just don't mix well together.... opinion varies from person to person upon which flavors don't mix well. You'll just have to experiment.
• Clear cups are fun, especially when you have a range of colors to layer. But be careful that you don't mix some colors too close together, because they may soon mix to create an unsitely color.
• ALWAYS check the consistency before you start pouring. Otherwise you may be disappointed and flustered when sticky and watery Slurpee spills into your cup and then onto you!
• Always check to make sure the flavor on the label is the same as the flavor in the tap. Otherwise you may have a surprise when you take a sip....
• Always let the melted Slurpee sitting at the base of the tap run out first, before you begin pouring. That way, you have less sugar water and more Slurpee
• Want the best consistencies? Go when the race to the machine is slow, like at odd hours of the night (although there is often a rush around midnight in the summer), before the school kids are out of school, in the middle of a winter ice storm, and in the morning if you know it's going to be a hot summer day (before everyone else realizes that, hey, it's hot out. That way you wont be disappointed with watery gook!)
• Always finish your Slurpee; Never waste a Slurpee
• Don't worry if you find that your poop turned green...it's probably from the blue Slurpee that you drank earlier
• Long line-up? Take your time and refill your Slurpee until there aren't so many people in line. (okay, that's cheating, but they don't care)
• Brain freeze can be a good thing; some people find that causing themselves to get it rids them of their headache!
• Standing in front of the 7-Eleven with a group of your friends does not make you cool!
• Playing sick is often an effective way to obtain free Slurpee from sympathetic friends and family. But don't cry "sore throat" too often, otherwise they may not believe you when you really are sick.
• Make sure that you don't drink a Slurpee before a three hour lab or a class that's longer than an hour, especially if you don't get a break in between. Chances are, the Slurpee will have made it to your bladder before you get to leave... and that's not a good thing!
• Refills! Refills! Refills! You can reuse Gulp or collectable Slurpee cups, as well as use the reusable plastic Slurpee cups often sold during the summer, and refill them at each visit. Refills cost less than buying a new cup each time, so you save money, AND it is environmentally friendly :)
• Did you put your Slurpee in the freezer for too long? You could just wait and thaw it out, or lick it like a popsicle, or you could: (according to my friend Brooke)
- Add vodka (best with a PEPSI or fruity-flavored Slurpee) and you will have the perfect margarita.
- Place your Slurpee into the refrigerator for up to one hour, and a desirable consistency may result
• Try this: Mix Slurpee and ice cream together.... yummy! Everyone has their preferences, but typically vanilla ice cream goes best will most flavours. You can mix the two together, or simply put one on top of the other. Soft serve ice cream works and tastes the best. Whatever way you do it, it's delicious, and you'll be screaming for more! [hence it's nickname, The Screamer] (Thanks to Pattie for reminding me of this wonderful creation)
• Have a craving? No Slurpee? There are different substitutes that can help ease the anxiety. For example, a popsicle might help, or freezing your favorite juice. It's not the same, but it helps. You can also try this recipe that was submitted to me:
A Home Made Coca-Cola Icee Recipe
Chill a 16 oz bottle of Coke
Decant four ozDiscard one oz
Add to decanted coke:- 2 T pasteurized egg whites- 2 T brown sugar- 1 T Certo Liquid Fruit Pectin
Return mixture to bottle and freeze for 2.5 to 3 hours.
Shake periodically and serve.
Vanilla ice cream has the same ingredients. The egg whites and Pectin make foam and smaller ice crystals. The sugar reduces the freezing temperature.(submitted by Dick Patten)
• Another solution for the cravings: the Slush Mug. This container allows you the ability to quickly freeze just about anything (i.e. Juice, Soda, etc) in a short amount of time to produce a slushy consistency. Though I have never used it myself, I have been told that it is an excellent way to make your own Slush at home if a Slurpee is unattainable. (Submitted by Donna)
• Slurpees last longer, are more enjoyable and perhaps even taste better when they are scooped! [just make sure that they don't melt on you!] (Suggested by Patrick)
• If you get a brainfreeze, put your tongue against the roof of your mouth. This usually works to get rid of it. (suggested by Renee)
• If you get the wrong mix of Pepsi Slurpee and Lemonade Slurpee, it'll taste like beer (which isn't a good thing). (Submitted by Ben)
• DO NOT have someone buy you a Slurpee after you have your tonsils removed; a sore throat and tonsillectomy are not the same... the combination is excruciatingly painful. (Submitted)
• One distasteful Slurpee combination: coke and sour cherry. (Submitted)
• Spoon straws are great, for both sipping and scooping. Use them! (Submitted)
• An Amazing combination: Fill the cup half way full of coke or pepsi Slurpee, and then put about 1.5 to 2 seconds worth of fountain (diet) coke / pepsi. Mix with a straw and tap it on the counter (which helps to "settle" the Slurpee to the bottom). Finish it off with coke / pepsi Slurpee. (Submitted by J.P)

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