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Quotes from Movies and Television

Jim: "Are you nervous?" Ruby: "No" Jim: "Then why are your hands so cold?" Ruby: "You made me hold your Slurpee!" According To Jim: 'Model Behavior'
Jack: "You see, the world is really like one big Slurpee. We're all made of essentially the same thing--sugar, ice, water. We all come in different colors, like yellow and blue--" Elliot:"But blue is the best." Jack:"Blue is the best!" Just Shoot Me: Miss Pretty [I'm not totally sure on just how accurate this quote is to the actual script, so if you find that I have an error in this quote, please email me]
Jerry: The song Downtown? You mean the Petula Clark song? George: Yeah. Jerry: You sure he didn't just mention it because you happened to be going downtown? George: I think he was trying to tell me something, like it had some sort of a meaning. Jerry: Okay, so how does it go? George: 'When you're alone, and life is making you lonely, you can always go...' Jerry: '... downtown.' George: 'Maybe you know some little places to go, where they never close...' Jerry: '...downtown.' George: Wait a second. 'Little places to go, where they never close.' What's a little place that never closes? Jerry: Seven-Eleven? Seinfeld: The Bottle Deposit (1)
Eric: My grades aren't good enough to get me into college? Mr. Feeney: Your grades, my friend, aren't good enough to get you a Slurpee. Boy Meets World (Submitted by James C.)
(In Jan's Head) Evil Jan voice: Jan... Oh Jan! Jan's voice: Don't listen to her! Who are you? Evil Jan voice: It's me! The new Jan Brady! Let's go knock over a 7-Eleven! The Brady Bunch Movie
(Background: Dorothy's ex-husband Stan's cousin is staying with them. I don't remember her name. She is visiting from another county) Stan's Cousin: I like Slurpees Sophia: You had five already! Stan's Cousin: I can't help it! They're so tasty and fruitful! [pause] AHH! My head! Dorothy: You drank the Slurpee too fast Stan's Cousin: It is like knife in head! ...[something unrelated is said] ... Slurpee is the greatest thing in America! [Throughout the show, you see this character holding a Slurpee. The cup was red and white... is that really what American 80's Slurpees looked like???] The Golden Girls
(Context: Luke and Kevin just finish arguing in the front seats of the car. Joan opens the back door and sits in. An awkward silence falls between the two brothers. Joan, oblivious to what just happened, rubs her hands together and smiles.) Joan: Let's go for a Slurpee! Joan of Arcadia
Patrick: Pick you up Friday, then Kat: Oh, right. Friday. Patrick: The night I take you to places you've never been before. And back. Kat: Like where? The 7-Eleven on Burnside? 10 Things I Hate About You

Quotes From People:

"The worst thing about Europe is that you can't go out in the middle of the night and get a Slurpee"Tellis Frank
"Every slurpee is like the first. That's when you know it's true love" Submitted by Kelly - slurpee addict since 2000.
"There is always a slurpee at the end of the tunnel" Submitted by Andrejs
Entire Episodes
On Father of the Pride, there was an episode that centered on Siegfried, Roy, and 7-Eleven. The description of the relevant part of the show is as follows: In their quest to experience the "ah" they observed in a recent 7-Eleven TV commercial, Siegfried and Roy venture to the local convenience store to claim the ultimate prize -- "The Big Gulp." I don't have the complete script for this episode; but if I do get one, I will post the relevant quotes.
Scenes from Movies/Television
Billy Madison starring Adam Sandler, has a scene where Billy has a Slurpee machine in his tent house, complete with a revolving Slurpee on top. The flavours were Coke and Peach (I think)
In I Am Sam, there is are several parts in the movie where the girl walks by a 7-Eleven on her way to her father's apartment at night. I have been told by a very reliable source that many chinese soap opera's have 7-Elevens in them.

In the Sabrina, the Teenage Witch episode Mrs. Kraft, there are numerous references to brainfreeze. In the opening scene, Harvey and Sabrina walk up to the front of the house, both with a very distinct large blue [1L?] Slurpee cup (you can even see 'Slurpee' on the sides of the cup!) They don't actually refer to them as Slurpees, but rather as 'slushies'. Sabrina even comments to Harvey something along the lines of, "You spend too much time at frozenslushie.com!'

On That 70's Show, there is an episode (I cannot find the script, and I am unsure of what the official title of the episode was) where there are several references to Slurpees and the 'Slurpee slut' who sells them. It guest starred Seth Greene. Donna mistakenly thinks that Eric had something going on with this girl when they were broken up, but later finds out otherwise.
Quotes From Songs

(Excerpt) The air is so clear, the sky is so blue, I know what you mean, I feel lucky too. I found a dollar, it's like a dream. I love this place, my Slurpee is so green. I Feel Lucky by Five Iron Frenzy

(Excerpt) I live in my own heaven I collect it to go at the 7-Eleven Rebel Yell (Live) By Billy Idol
(Excerpt)Santa is coming tonightAnd I want a car, and I want a lifeAnd I want a first class trip to HawaiiI want a lifetime supplyOf skittles & slurpees and Eskimo piesI want a DVD,A big screen TVJust bring me things that I don't need

My Christmas List By Simple Plan(Submitted by Jennifer)
VS 1
Slurp it down, slurp it down, yeah, yeah Cold and refreshing, yeah, yeah Green straw, shovel straw to my lips With my cold slurpee I can get a grip
Cherry, lemon and Coke Ice and flavor no joke with a tasty beverage in hand 7-11 is my graceland
VS 2
Walk to the corner of my street pay one looney for a tasty treat all on a hot summer's day Hope the slurpee is here to stay
REPEAT CHORUSSlurpee by The Inklings [I'm Your Biggest Fan, Vol. 1.] (Submitted by Jared)
Girls from seven-eleven stay up all night24 hours a dayI said girls from seven-eleven stay up all nightSeven whole days a weekI said girls from seven-eleven stay up all nightAnd i could get a discountShe may not be good-lookingShe may not be good - no - no - noShe might not get downBut it's possible she stays up all night
Seven-Eleven by Mindless Self Indulgence(Submitted by steve and chelsea)
Hey let's not pretend that We're not on each other minds You'll always be with me Even if I'm doing time In the 7-11 of my soul It's got everything to do with rock n roll You're my Red Slurpee You're my Red Slurpee
Why can't they understand I don't like blue It's less about my problems And more about your cues In the 7-11 of my soul It's got everything to do with rock n roll You're my Red Slurpee You're my Red Slurpee
(Do do do... )
I suck you dry I wonder who I'm crying for It's not such a disaster Cause at least I've got the straw 'Cuz in the 7-11 of my soul It's got everything to do with rock n roll You're my Red Slurpee You're my Red Slurpee You're my Red Slurpee You're my Red Slurpee You're my Red Slurpee You're my Red Slurpee
RED Slurpee by BEN-LEE
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