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slurpee again

How the Slurpee Got It's Name
Fiction - Written by Nini Slurpeegirl
Once upon a time, there was a frozen beverage without a name. It just arrived at a 7-11 store and it was a big hit with the customers.
The cup was plain, and the drink was referred to as The New Frozen Drink .
One day the 7-11 clerk noticed that something wasn't right, but he couldn't quite figure it out. The consistency of this new drink was always runny, and nothing he tried worked too fix this consistency problem.
Suddenly, a little elf, named dammonth, appeared in front of him.
The elf cried, "can't you see? The drink is sad. Its endless tears makes it all runny!"
The clerk stepped back, surprised by this elf, rubbed his eyes, then asked, "what do you mean it's sad? Everyone loves it!"
"Can't you see? It has no real name. You must give it a name."
The clerk felt inspired, "That's it! I must this new drink a name! But what should it be?"
The clerk felt suddenly perplexed as he tried to come up with a good name, but nothing meaningful came up. He looked at the elf and asked, "what about Throat Cooler?"
The elf rolled his eyes, "NO! That's stupid. Try again!"
The clerk thought some more and again. "What about cold soda?"
The elf whacked the clerk on the head with a licorice and hissed, "NO! Something better. You must give it a unique and creative name. Think of what it is and what it does."
The clerk sat back and started to observe as patrons purchased and drank this new drink.
And then he watched some more…
It was then that the clerk realized what the name should be.
"I've got it!" He cried to the elf," People slurp it, and then they have to go pee. Its name should be Slurp-pee!"
The elf was please, "but spell it this way," he said, " S-L-U-R-P-E-E."
The iced drink finally had a name and it was no longer runny. Everyone agreed; it was truly a good name.
That was when the 7-11 decided to honor the elf, Dammonth, which helped to give the Slurpee its name. It was then that 7-11 started to have "flavor of Dammonth" which, in time, was renamed the "flavor of the month."
Of course that was after the elf accidentally fell into the Slurpee machine. The clerks at the store tried to save the elf but it was too late. He fell in and was chopped up into tiny iced bits, which happened to create the beloved "elves brew" flavor.

The End

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