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34 ways to write a slogan

From copywriter Alan Sharpe come34 Ways to Write a Slogan
Some fun and easy approaches to take thepain out of tagging your company.
© 2000 Alan Sharpe

1. Ask a question
Does she or doesn't she?

2. Use a two-fold delivery with a twist
Common sense. Uncommon results
David Ingram and Associates

3. Show your unique commitment
We try harder

4. Address a specific need
For women whose eyes are older than they are
Robert Powers (skin cream)

5. Explain product superiority
Takes a licking and keeps on ticking

6. Be abstract but client-centred
After all, it is your information
Authentex Software

7. Evoke a benefit in a fresh way
Let your fingers do the walking
Yellow Pages

8. Describe your product in a novel way
Liquid jewelry
Lorr Laboratories (nail polish)

9. Use an emotive call to action
Reach out and touch someone

10. Link company name to product benefit
Never forgets
Elephant Memory Systems

11. Use an evocative call to action
Put a tiger in your tank

12. Suggest the cost of not using your product
Because so much is riding on your tires

13. Use an imperative call to action
Just do it

14. Be grotesque to make a point
Wears like a pig's nose

W. M. Finck & Co. (men's overalls)
15. Use a one-word call to action

16. Turn a business maxim on its ear
Think small

17. Use a cheeky call to action
Let us tan your hide
Crisby Frisian Fur Co.

18. Link a well-known phrase with your product benefit
Understanding comes with Time
Time magazine

19. Revisit a familiar call to action
Reach out and bust someone
Crime Stoppers

20. Brag about yourself
We take the world's greatest pictures

21. Link a product feature with an abstract need
A diamond is forever

22. Brag about your product and your client
You and Betty Crocker can bake someone happy
Betty Crocker

23. Link a feature with your address
We corner the market
Irving Rivers Ltd.

24. Take a breath and say it all
Finest anti-knock non-premium gasoline ever offered at no extra cost
Union Oil Co.

25. Combine a feature and a benefit in the same phrase
Make yourself at home

26. Describe your service and its #1 benefit in two words
Advertising pays
Industry maxim

27. Declare a superlative feature
The world's #1 selling financial software

28. Personify your product
Laughs at time
Du Pont (paint)

29. Make a compelling promise
The world on time
Federal Express

30. Distill your business into one phrase
The Document Company
Xerox Corp.

31. Be whimsical
It's the real thing

32. Tie your slogan to your logo
Get a piece of the Rock
Prudential Insurance Co.

33. Say it staccato
Soothes. Cleanses. Refreshes.
Murine Co. (eyedrops)

34. Dare to be different
Dare to diff

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