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How To Win Contest

Some people are contest junkies while others find them a waste of time, feeling they will never win. Then there is the occasional player who takes a chance with Lady Luck. The truth is that while many contests are a long shot, some provide a reasonable chance at winning prizes or money, such as those based on skill or creativity. Even contests based solely on luck are winnable and these tips can help increase
Determine why you want to enter contests and solidify your goals in writing or with a photo of what you would do with the winnings. Often the goal is money, but in some cases it is notoriety. Regardless, it is a positive mental attitude that will keep you motivated and visualizing your goals and imagining life as a winner can make a difference.
Examine the rules closely for the contests you plan to enter. It is worth a couple of minutes to ensure that your entry is not disqualified and it will also enable you to view the odds of winning, where applicable.
Make a plan for the type of contests you wish to focus on and make a schedule if you’re a regular participant. Even if you only possess 5 to 15 minutes a day to spend on contests, it’s the regularity that counts in improving your contest odds.
Look for contests that are less heavily publicized and/or that may be restricted to certain geographical regions or age groups. Additionally, aim for contest that offer multiple prizes to further increase your chances of winning.
Try contests based on skill or part skill to limit competition, be it cooking contests, prose, intellectual challenges, or video submissions. For contests that involve talent or creativity ensure that you edit and re-edit your work and obtain a second opinion. Put forth your best submission, one that you know is a winner.
Make online contests easier to enter by using a “form filler” such as RoboForm to enter repetitive data (name, e-mail, address and phone number) with a click of the mouse. The easier a contest is to enter, the more likely you will submit entries regularly and increase your winning odds.
Gather and use multiple sources of contest listing and entries. Some options include websites dedicated to contest listings, Google alerts, magazines, retailer newsletters and local vendors.

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