Khamis, 26 Februari 2009


The Internet is one of the most effective promotional mediums available to you. Internet promotion can be cheap, it can be highly personal, and it enables you to reach thousands of people with minimal effort.
It’s also a good vehicle for exhibiting your talents. In fact, I regularly hire new freelance designers on the strength of their online portfolio - if they present their services persuasively on their websites, I don’t always insist on face-to-face meetings.
If you’ve got good material in your repertoire, you should have a good website to present it. And if you’ve got a good website, it makes sense that you make people aware of it.
There are two ways to exploit your website to its full potential. Either you make yourself accessible to website browsers by optimizing your website’s exposure on search engines and major sites, or you buy a data list of potential clients and present your website directly to people in an email campaign.

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